Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stasha,we rember you and love you

Stasha was one of the most gorgous TS ever,,100% passable and looked so natural.
One could tell she was a sweet and kind person.

I also read on a bio that she was a twin.,

she did about 25 movies(porn mainstream ones),,a few are mixed comp from the original contract movies she did.
I have 12 of her movies on VHS and 1 on DVD.
She wasnt a power house/hung shemale who used her tool like most people who watch TS porn want to see.
She was a very submissive bottom and a gorgous one at that!
Im shocked thats theres no galleries of her ANYWHERE!
I ran across a few blurry pics of her in "more than a woman" or some box cover pics but thats it!
Ive ran acroos morelle de keigh,sulka,lony brown,dana douglas photo sets but none of Stasha.

Now that is strange and weird if you ask me why theres none of stasha anywhere?

Ill do my best and put the word out to see if i can find some pics to add here of Stasha.
I have a dozen or so vidcap pic shots i did on my yahoo group but not the best quality as i'd like..
The retro days of TS ruled.
So many beauties long gone now which is sad.

Well,I added a bio and will keep updating any news that i come across on Satsha.

We love you stasha and remeber you!

Here are some names Stasha went by prior becoming a Transsexual and went by: Angelo, Angelo Moore, Steven Moore, Chuck Palms
Birthday March 24, 1969

Born in San Antonio, Texas
Date of Death Thursday, April 01, 1993 (details)
Years Active 1988-1994 (Started around 19 years old)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage American
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight No data
Tattoos No data
Piercings No data
Comments There are no comments for this performer.
Website No data

A list of Stasha shemale movies

Angelo Loves It In Hand Video Top 1988 DRO
Beautiful Women With Big Dicks Executive (Leisure Time Entertainment) 2003 DO
Double Impact CDI Home Video 1992 DRO
Eyes Of A Stranger CDI Home Video 1992
Fire and Ice CDI Home Video 1992 DO
More Than A Woman CDI Home Video 1993 DRO
Mystery Date CDI Home Video 1992 O
Night Breed CDI Home Video 1992
Passion For Fashion Pepper Productions 1993
Perfect Girl CDI Home Video 1992
Portrait Of A Swinger CDI Home Video 1992
Pretty Girl Boy Leisure Time Entertainment 2001 D
Prime Offender Pepper Productions 1993
Promises In The Dark CDI Home Video 1991
Ream that She-Male's Ass Leisure Time Entertainment 2004
Shakin' It With She Males 4 Vivid 1998
She-Male Anal Penetrations Executive (Leisure Time Entertainment) 2003 D
She-Males and Their Lovers Executive (Leisure Time Entertainment) 2003
Shocking She-Males Stallion Video 1998
Split Personality CDI Home Video 1991
Stasha's Adult School Pepper Productions 1994 O
Stasha's Diary CDI Home Video 1991 O
Stasha's Last Kiss Leisure Time Entertainment 1993 DO
Strange Night On Earth Pepper Productions 1993
Throb Pleasure Productions Top Bottom 1988 1 O


  1. I am still so sad about this. I came to like Stasha in about 1995 and many years later I found out she was already dead by then. This fills my heart with a distinct grief that I have never had with any other actor, musician, etc. Also, Stasha's movies were pointing into what shouldve been the future of transgender in an industry as mislead as the porn industry. Because she understood herself as a woman, not a "tranny" or a freak, thus she aimed her movies at heterosexuals and wouldve taught people acceptance for the inner woman in a transgender (not marketing "chicks with dicks" as another kink). Stasha will forever be a person that should be labeled "more than a porn star" - in inspiration of the movie "More than a woman". We love you Stasha --- Isi